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Tommy Dwane – Graffiti Microcosm

Tommy Dwane är en av sveriges få verkliga graffitilegendarer. Den här boken presenterar processen bakom projektet ”Writing my name until it matters” genom Alexander Pihls bilder. Dessutom innehåller boken texter av Tommy Dwane, Jens Soneryd och ett artists talk mellan Dwane och berlingalleriet Skalitzers. All text i boken är på engelska.

From the foreword by Dwane:

”Graffiti doesn’t naturally transfer to the traditional art environment. When a graffiti writer transforms a subway car into a rolling postcard saying »Happy Holidays« it’s an act of opposition. In any another context, without the criminal act, it’s simply a greeting card. In 2010 I dedicated an intense period of a few months solely to develop a graffiti concept that could survive this transfer to the contemporary art environment or at least give me the peace of knowing their incompatibility.
This ambition is neither romantic nor sentimental. I imagine that there is an expression of graffiti that transcends all mediums. This is the reason of »Writing my name until it matters«. To find a true and honest expression of graffiti and having it preserved and available for more audiences.”

This book documents the process of Dwane, one of swedens few truly legendary graffiti artists. Through Alexander Pihl’s images we are taken through Dwanes recent project ”Writing my name until it matters”. The book also contains texts by Tommy Dwane, Jens Soneryd and an artist talk between Dwane and Berlin gallery Skalitzers.


284 sidor
Språk: engelska
Utgivningsår: 2014
ISBN: 9789176093788