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Örnsbergsauktionen 2014

”In a time when large-scale production has been relocated far from its city and country of origin, designers have responded by forming small, tightly knit units around specific skill sets, knowledge of materials and traditions within design.

With Örnsbergsauktionen – Swedish for the Örnsberg Auction – we’ve created a platform for the design objects and projects sprung from these unique units. Our designers’ fields of progression and specialization come to bear in their projects, which bypass the commercial – and often inhibiting – demands of mass production.

Örnsbergsauktionen is a self-organized project that opens up the process between idea and finished product and reduces the distance between designer and client. The works all have in common that they are the results of studio production without close connection to producers. They are the projects and voices that are realized in smaller cycles, in terms both of time and economy, as well as of volume.”
This is the printed catalogue of the 2014 installment of the ÖA auction.

The catalogue includes amazing work by the following designers:

Anna Nordström
Anna Tascha Larsson
Carina Seth Andersson
Fredrik Ingemansson
Fredrik Paulsen
Gustaf Nordenskiöld
Helen Carlson
Hilda Hellström
Johanna Friedman
Kakan Hermansson
Karolina K Eriksson
Katja Pettersson
Kristoffer Sundin
Lars Stensö
Lex Pott
Lukas Wegwerth
Maria E Harrysson
Maria Kristofersson
Marjan van Aubel
Mats Theselius
Nathalie Du Pasquier
Nick Ross
Per B Sundberg
Peter Shire
Pål Rodenius
Sara Lundkvist
Silo Studio
Simon Klenell
Sophia Lithell
Stina Löfgren
Åsa Jungnelius

Photo by Viktor Sjödin
Graphic design by Bergen

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Språk: svenska
Pris: 99:-
Utgivningsår: 2014
ISBN: 9789175752778